Packing and transport

  1. we pack
  • we pack museum objects according to preventive care rules
  • we pack the items subordinate to types so we protect it from mechanical damage, fire and weather conditions
  • we use only tested materials (foil, paper, cardboard ..) that are chemically neutral, solid and durable depending on the item
  • we adjust the packaging depending on the type and length of transport
  • if necessary we make wood/plastic/metal  boxes that are sutable fot item transportation
  • we make sure that the microclimate (especially relative humidity) remain unchanged during the transport or that fluctuations are not too large
  1. we transport
  • we organize transport for your items with all the strictest rules of the profession art transportation by selecting the type of equipment, sort of transport, routing times, etc.  That includes supervision during transportation, distribution of packages and their fastening inside the transport.
  1. we unpack
  • we can unpack your items at the destination.
  1. we set the items in exhibition
  • we set up the exhibition at the destination and/or control third parties settups. We monitor conditions (microclimate, light …) in which the  items are exposed.