Preventive protection of museum objects in storage

  1. review and determination of preventive protection situation covers the objects state, microclimate and radiation measurement and analysis
  2. preparation and proposals of preventive care improvement in relation to their curent state
  3. Storeroom equipping suggestions – Elaborate
  4. Museum objects protection – Elaborate
  5. implementation of the Elaborates

Equipping should:

– Protect the art of physical damage
– Allow indirect handling
– Provide support
– Allow paper to naturally adapt to environmental condition changes
– To improve the availability of art
– Ensure acidity buffering

Neutral environment should be provided for all works of art on paper.  The art witch is not in suitable environment, must be re-equipped.

A) Preventive protection of art on paper:

– Background making
– Production of windows (mount)
– Attaching  art to the background

Preventive protection_paper

B) Painting equipment (oil on canvas, paintings on wood, …):

-Back/rear protection

Painting equipment

We offer:

Equipping of art on paper

Equipping paintings (oil on canvas, wooden base or some other surface)