Storage equipment

1. We offer equipment for works of art on paper and photographs:

  • background + window (mount)
  • folding (for storage of valuable items)
Osnovna oprema za pohranu za umjetnine na papiru

Basic storage equipment

Oprema s preklopom za pohranu umjetnine na papiru

Equipment with a lap

Oprema za dvostrane umjetnine

Equipment with a lap (verso art)

We offer standardized formats A1, A2, A3 and A4. For other dimensions please contact us.

cardboard dimensions window/opening dimensions
A1 (60 x 84) 42 x 60 (za A2)
40 x 50
40 x 40
A2 (42 x 60) 30 x 42 (A3)
22 x 32
20 x 20
A3 (30 x 42) 21 x 30 (A4)
15 x 21 (photo)
15 x 15
A4 ( 21 x 30) 13 x 18 (photo)
10 x 15 (photo)
12 x 12

2. We offer maps made of acid-free cardboard, bonded with neutral adhesive tapes, to store (up to six) works of art on paper of different formats or documents.

Mape od beskiselinskog kartona


We use only the best and tested materials:

  • Permanent  paper and cardboard (acid-free) museum, archive or conservation quality
  • Only museum, archive or conservation quality tapes.

Check the equipment for exhibiting art.