Museum showcases

Exclusively designed cabinets that are made specially from the finest materials to the highest conservation standards. They ensure your art’s safety and security in the following years.

Combination of simplicity and elegance of laminated glass bell precisely cut edges and neutral linen background accentuates your artwork and allows them to shine in all its glory.

For you is to choose the appropriate model base, protected by a high-quality component a polyurethane colors that come in a range of over 200 colors, to showcases the best fit in any setting and space.


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  • Features:


manufactured to the highest conservation standards:

– Bulletproof glass (impact-resistant hammer, bullets, …)
– Designed to reduce fluctuations in relative humidity

available in standard sizes [cm]:

– 110x30x30 (Exposito)
– 100x120x50 (Scatula, Semis, Quatropez)
– 190x60x60 (SUMMUS)
– 50x40x15 (Murus)


  • Elements of showcases:



– Laminated glass (impact-resistant which eliminates the risk of material damage in the case of breakage)
– Standard transparent glass with a 45 ° join or extra clear transparent glass with a blend of conventional 90 °
– UV glued
– Security screws for greater security


– Dry, soft wood
– Hygroscopic properties – helps regulate RV’s
– Chemically neutral upholstered fabric (flax or other natural fabrics)
– You can select the color

The pedestal

– Made of MDF with compounds under 45 °
– Primed


  • Additional options:


  • the ability to create custom-made cabinets for special requirements
  • final lacquer coating pedestal available in all RAL color variants (gloss, semi-gloss, matte, structured)
  • gas struts (to help with the opening of heavier glass bells)
  • floor fastening
  • silica gel tray
  • storage space (door or drawer) for standard compact models
  • coded safety lock
  • lighting (LED, fluorescent, halogen, fiber optic)